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Out of the Habit

I hate distractions. Why? They keep me from communicating effectively. And I made a commitment to post in my blog a year ago. So much for that resolution. So, I'm starting anew. What I mean by that is I need to catch everyone up with what's going on.

First, I started a job with my old job at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I started as an Auto Detailer and worked in that field for a year and a half. Now, I'm a driver. It's a cut in pay, but I'm still full time and still have benefits. And today, I got my first paycheck at the new rate. So, I'll have to tune up my budget and get rid of some stuff I don't need. Which means I'll have to pay off a credit card and cancel it, also get rid of a convenience or two I don't need.

I began streaming on Twitch two years ago. Since then, I have streamed sporadically and started moderating a channel. And that's on top of writing and publishing as an author. Which brings me to the newest creations. American Angels: Night Wolf's Twilight and Scalp Hunter: A Vaughn Family Case. I currently don't have a Kindle link for Scalp Hunter. But plan on it soon. I'm also hoping to have a sequel to Scalp Hunter called Turkey Trot out before Halloween, so you can have a holiday adventure to go with your holiday bird. If not, one novel that might fill that void, is the American Angels: Black Out.

Please pray for Wilma and I as we get adjusted to a schedule, we longed to have for over a year. Until next time readers!


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