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Grey and L'Amour-Classic Authors of the Old West

While going through my mother's property, I came across some of her old friends (authors). The romance novels I have no interest. But these two, old friends, Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour, she held in high regard. Why? She kept an extensive collection of their works. I pulled two books to correctly spell their names. And coincidentally, they both involve hanging. Zane Grey's offering, Raiders of Spanish Peaks, mentions a neck-tie party on the back cover.

On the same note, Louis L'Amour's choice, Hanging Woman Creek, speaks of hanging a woman. And that one mentioned, the adventure didn't even start, until the girl showed up. And as I looked at both, the original prints and copyrights date back to 1931 and 1964. Grey's book sold for 75 cents and L'Amour's for 60 cents. Both were successful for their eras. And if you were to look these novels up on Amazon, you'll find the prices rose in value!

Nothing like a good book to stir the imagination. Read on, and write on my friends!


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