A New Adventure on Kindle Vella!

For months, I've received messages about a new episodic format called Kindle Vella. And as an author, I agonized on how to utilize this new format to tell a story. And since I have a series ready, but no format, I decided to use Vela to tell the stories of the Vaughn Family Mysteries. The first novel, Scalp Hunter, premiers Monday July 12th.

Scalp Hunter tells the story of the first official case of newly appointed Scurry County Sheriff James Dillon Vaughn, son of NCIS legend Jason Vaughn. A dead body turns up outside of Snyder, Texas and Dillon receives a call from newly minted Detective Mary Gomez. The body is found with its scalp removed from the head, in a car produced the year of the victim's birth.

I hope my readers will find this story a must read for mystery buffs. Enjoy!

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