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Yee-hah! A New Deputy Sheriff!

Saddle up partners! Dez Donovan hits town to work for Sheriff John Hampton at the Scurry County Sheriff's Department. Inspired by Wrestling Superstar "The Gatekeeper" Kelly Klein, this new heroine rides into our imaginations as Dep. Det. Sgt. Desirae Ann Donovan - a woman embattled due to a dead serial killer named Thomas Calhoun; a man that collected potential brides; then killed them and left them with their left ring fingers cut off.

And as Dez resets her life in modern-day Scurry County, the legacy of Thomas Calhoun's crimes continued to haunt Dez as cases popped up resembling the same disturbed pattern. And it takes local banker/US Treasury Agent Caleb Polk the Third to ring closure to the case, and healing to Dez Donovan's loving heart.


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