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Surviving the Texas Snowpocalypse

Two weeks ago, Texas suffered one of its greatest natural phenomenons. When the severe winter storm hit after Valentine's Day, we lost our internet service which included our land-line phone and cable. Then three hours later, we lost power and did without it until 7:45 pm Wednesday night.

We also dealt with frozen pipes and having to boil water due to the power outages. Once we got past that on Sunday, Feb. 21st, everything somewhat returned to normal. Although some Texans will have a legal fight with ERCOT over their electricity bills, some of us had natural gas coming into our homes so we could keep warm during the frigid temperatures.

Keeping our cell phones charged during this time was a challenge as well. However, we're slowly rebuilding our lives and getting back into some sort of rhythm prior to this disaster. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones during the winter storm.


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