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Editing and Publishing

I've been writing for over 10 years; various short stories, poems, and novels. Below is the second book in the American Angels series called Black Out. I put this book cover below to serve as an idea to always leave your options open as far as publishing your work. And if you can afford the cost, always get someone to professionally edit your manuscripts.

As to the options; there is more than one option to self-publishing. And I chose to publish my third book in the Joseph Hampton Mystery series with Ingram Spark. There is a cost to using their service, but worth it in the long run. However, constant campaigning is the key as well as promotion; whether you use their service or Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon. My plan is to eventually have all my work on both sites. And eventually, I might be moving all my work to Ingram Spark and leaving Kindle Direct Publishing behind.

For now, I'll be publishing and promoting the rest of my work from Ingram Spark. The profit potential demonstrates promise above KDP. Don't be surprised if links to the Ingram Spark site become more visible in the future. Write on my friends!


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