Blog Consistency

For an author, reading and writing consistently creates challenges for me. Especially during a creative phase that makes my brain focus on the creativity, to the point of obsession. So I have to discipline myself to take breaks; read, exercise, edit, and converse with other humans.

So, as an example, this is the first time in years, I've blogged on a consistent basis. If you follow this site on a regular basis, please leave a comment. Also, for my Christian brothers and sisters following this blog, leave some encouragement from a prayerful or scriptural aspect.

I know for those who aren't as spiritual, this seems like an odd request, but I'm a believer. Even though I feel like I'm the biggest hypocrite from a faith standpoint. But I am human, and I need to be more purposeful in my approach to faith, life and my family. Please enjoy my site and my blog. Until next time my friends!

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